Below are collaborative projects.

... perpetual programming

Workman Arts, Pop-Up Gallery, Toronto ON, 2015, Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival. Collaboration with artists Jaene Castrillon, Claro Cosco, Joey DAMMIT!

This multi-channel video installation is a collaboration that responds to the 2015 festival symposium TRANSFIXED: TV AND ADDICTION. 

commy tapes

Commy Tapes is a cassette tape archive and exchange. We print audio projects of any description for artists onto tape at no charge. These tapes are then available for trade or exchange with other artists. Commy Tapes is also a traveling archive of audio, collected in a custom case designed to carry, display and play the works collected along the way.

all the parties

2 hour video installation, Come up to my room (annual design show), Gladstone Gallery, 2013

This video features a selection of archival footage film footage, from which I have isolated shots of actors looking directly into the lens. These shots are cut together with various films genres, eras and narratives.